Undergraduate student projects

41. Minsoo Koo
(Spring 2019) Haptic and Virtuality Cardiac Eletrophysilogy Simulation
40. Jongmin Kim
(Spring 2019) A Bicycle Navigation Using Shear Force Feedback
(Fall 2019) Inducing Human Motion by Bicycle Navigation Using Shear Force Feedback
39. Jaeheung Choi
(Spring 2019) Virtual car simulation: tactile illusion and egocentric feedback with reclining chair
38. Eunyoung Hyung
(Spring 2019) Augmented Haptics on Physical Button
37. Minjae Mun
(Spring 2019) Rendering the feel of writing tools using
(Fall 2019) muiti-modal haptic texture rendering combining vibration and impact
36. Jinsoo Kim
(Spring 2019) Interaction with Virtual Object using Haptic Feedback
(Fall 2020) Body-Penetrating Tactile Phantom Sensations
35. Jungyeong Choi
(Fall 2018) Visualization of Auditory Information of Dangerous Environment Using Augmented Reality for the Hearing Impaired
34. Jinyoung Seo
(Fall 2018) Augmentation of touch pen writing using electrovibration display
33. Hanseoup Byun
(Spring 2018) VR Umbrella: Multimodal Virtual Simulation Using Haptic Feedback on Umbrella in Rainy Day
32. Beomsu Lim
(Spring 2018) Virtual Texture Generation Using Auditory Stimuli and Its Perception
31. Junghan Shin
(Fall 2017) Development of A Sports Lesson Program Using Kinect and Mirror AR
30. Kyeongwon Park
(Fall 2017) VR tennis using vibrotactile device
29. Yucheol Jung
(Spring 2017) A Visual Authoring Tool for Game-like Audiovisual Art
28. Chaeyong Park
(Spring 2017) 3D object emphasis using 360º image depth extraction in VR environment
(Fall 2017) A Modeling Method for Viscoelastic Objects Using Mechanical Parameters Estimation from Depth Information
27. SunUng Mun
(Fall 2016) Augmented reading using smartphone