TouchPhoto: System for Photo Taking and Understanding for Visually Impaired People

Representative image: 

Photos are a powerful medium for recording the moments of information and sharing them with others, but visuallyimpaired users have quite limited access to photos’ benefits. This project presents TouchPhoto, which provides visualaudio-tactile assistive features to allow visually-impaired users to take and understand photos independently. A user can take photos with auditory guidance and record several audio tags to aid recall of the photo’ content. For comprehension, a user can listen to the audio tags embedded in a photo and also touch the photo using an electrostatic friction display. The latter is done after salient features in the photo, including human faces, are extracted to facilitate tactile recognition. We also carried out two user studies, one for photo taking and the other for understanding and recall, in one month interval to unfold advantages and limitations of TouchPhoto.

Haptic Augmented Reality