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16 08, 2022

Dr. Yongjae Yoo will be appointed as an assistant professor at Hanyang University ERICA Campus

2022-08-16T15:59:26+09:00August 16th, 2022|Events|

Dr. Yongjae Yoo will be working as an assistant professor at Department of Artificial Intelligence at Hanyang University ERICA Campus in Korea from September.

20 06, 2022

New Publications!

2022-06-20T12:38:47+09:00June 20th, 2022|Publications|

In 2022, we published several papers about haptic perception/rendering, novel interaction methods/systems, and 4D motion effects. For haptic perception, “Perceived Intensity Model of Dual-Frequency Superimposed Vibration: Pythagorean Sum” was accepted in IEEE ToH, “Perception of Electrostatic Friction Stimuli in Free Surface Exploration” was presented in the IEEE Haptics Symposium, and “A Preliminary Study on the Perceptual Independence Between Vibrotactile and Thermal Senses” was published in the EuroHaptics 2022. For novel interaction methods, our research about “Vibration-Augmented Buttons: Information Transmission Capacity and Application to Interaction Design” was presented in the 2022 CHI. About 4D motion effects, “Data-Driven Rendering of Motion Effects for Walking Sensation in Different Gaits” was presented in the 2022 ToH. For more information, please see our publications tab.

12 02, 2022

Class of 2021

2022-02-12T21:52:58+09:00February 12th, 2022|Members|

Beomsu Lim awarded master’s degrees in August 2021 and Minjae Mun awarded master’s degrees in February 2022. Beomsu Lim presented a master’s thesis about image-based texture styling for motion effect rendering and continue his career as a researcher in KOG. Minjae Mun presented a master’s thesis about multimodal audio-to-haptic conversion system and is going to continue his career as a researcher in the industry. Praise for the bright future of our graduates!

1 12, 2021

Chaeyong Park won the 2021 Naver Ph.D. Fellowship Award

2022-01-04T16:21:20+09:00December 1st, 2021|Events|

Chaeyong Park has won the 2021 Naver Ph.D. Fellowship Award. Naver selected Ph.D. students who have published outstanding papers as the first author in world top-tier conferences or journals or have excellent presentation results in the following recruitment fields under research by Naver. He received the award for his achievements in Human-Computer Interaction. A prize of 5,000,000 won will be awarded at the science building 2 on December 9th.

5 10, 2021

New lab introduction videos

2021-10-05T18:55:29+09:00October 5th, 2021|Events|

Our lab was introduced in YTN Science and Science Nonfiction. Through the two videos, anyone can easily understand the research in the laboratory by introducing various researches in progress along with an introduction to the research area of our laboratory.  The videos could be checked through the link below.

YTN Science: 감각을 자극하는 디지털 촉감 시대 – 최승문 컴퓨터공학자

Science Nonfiction: VR기술의 끝판왕, 100% 실재감! 어디까지 가능할까? (포항공대 햅틱스)

29 09, 2021

New Members!

2021-09-29T17:15:46+09:00September 29th, 2021|Members|

Two new members entered the interaction lab in the fall semester of 2021. Junwoo Kim (left) started his degree with an integrated master’s and Ph.D program. Hoseok Jung (right) entered the lab with a master’s program.

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