10 08, 2020

New Research Grant!

2020-08-10T15:10:52+09:00August 10th, 2020|Funds|

We have won a new research grant from the Support Program for the Reinforcement of Science Culture Exhibition Service funded the National Research Foundation of Korea. In this project, we will study the technologies, systems, and long-term user experiences for blending real and virtual exhibits in order to promote in-depth, embodied learning of scientific principles, in close collaboration with Prof. Keehoon Kim in mechanical engineering and his lab members. We will be supported 770 million won for 2.5 years.

5 10, 2018

New Research Project

2020-07-21T10:11:40+09:00October 5th, 2018|Funds, 미분류|

Our lab will receive 1.6 billion KRW of support from Samsung Future Technology Development Center for four years. We have decided to carry out research on ‘Automatic Authoring of Physical and Perceptual/Affective Motion Effects for Virtual Reality’.