5 08, 2020

Paper in UIST 2020

2020-08-06T11:27:08+09:00August 5th, 2020|Publications|

Our research about “Augmenting Physical Buttons with Vibrotactile Feedback for Programmable Feels” will be presented in the 2020 UIST in October. This work presents a very simple yet effective method that enables us to diversify the haptic sensation of pressing a physical button by adding a simple vibration signal, as well as its perceptual evaluation results. Congratulations to the authors, Chaeyong Park, Jinhyuk Yoon, and Seungjae Oh!

27 06, 2019

Six papers were accepted to major conferences and two were nominated for the best paper

2020-07-21T10:10:27+09:00June 27th, 2019|Publications, 미분류|

Six papers were accepted to major conferences. One paper was accepted to CHI 2019 and five papers were accepted to World Haptics 2019. Among them, two papers were nominated for the best paper. You can download these papers in the international publications tab in this site.

5 06, 2015

Laser Touch Project finally has a represenative paper

2020-07-21T10:15:51+09:00June 5th, 2015|Publications, 미분류|

Our Laser Touch project finally has a representative paper as a return of the past five years’ endeavors. It is published in Scientific Reports with the title of “Laser-induced thermoelastic effects can evoke tactile sensations.”

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