The Interaction Laboratory (former Haptics and Virtual Reality Laboratory) at POSTECH, directed by Prof. Seungmoon Choi, seeks to find and design easy, effective, and novel interaction methods between human users and a system of interest, e.g., computers, robots, cars, and electronic device, with emphasis on physical interaction where the human somatosensory system has the major role.


New lab introduction videos

Our lab was introduced in YTN Science and Science Nonfiction. Through the two videos, anyone can easily understand the research in the laboratory by introducing various researches in progress along with an introduction to the research area of our laboratory.  The videos could be checked through the link below.

YTN Science: 감각을 자극하는 디지털 촉감 시대 – 최승문 컴퓨터공학자

Science Nonfiction: VR기술의 끝판왕, 100% 실재감! 어디까지 가능할까? (포항공대 햅틱스)

New Members!

Two new members entered the interaction lab in the fall semester of 2021. Junwoo Kim (left) started his degree with an integrated master’s and Ph.D program. Hoseok Jung (right) entered the lab with a master’s program.

KCC 2021 Best Award

Our paper “Multimodal Haptic Rendering for Interactive VR Sports Applications” won the best paper award in the Korea Computer Congress 2021. This work presents the design of realistic haptic feedback on virtual collisions in virtual reality. Please give a big hand to the authors, Minjae Mun, Seungjae Oh, and Chaeyong Park!

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