The Interaction Laboratory (former Haptics and Virtual Reality Laboratory) at POSTECH, directed by Prof. Seungmoon Choi, seeks to find and design easy, effective, and novel interaction methods between human users and a system of interest, e.g., computers, robots, cars, and electronic device, with emphasis on physical interaction where the human somatosensory system has the major role.


Dr. Hojin Lee joined ETRI

Dr. Hojin Lee has been working at Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) since February.

Class of 2021

Beomsu Lim awarded master’s degrees in August 2021 and Minjae Mun awarded master’s degrees in February 2022. Beomsu Lim presented a master’s thesis about image-based texture styling for motion effect rendering and continue his career as a researcher in KOG. Minjae Mun presented a master’s thesis about multimodal audio-to-haptic conversion system and is going to continue his career as a researcher in the industry. Praise for the bright future of our graduates!

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