The Interaction Laboratory (former Haptics and Virtual Reality Laboratory) at POSTECH, directed by Prof. Seungmoon Choi, seeks to find and design easy, effective, and novel interaction methods between human users and a system of interest, e.g., computers, robots, cars, and electronic device, with emphasis on physical interaction where the human somatosensory system has the major role.


KCC 2021 Best Award

Our paper “Multimodal Haptic Rendering for Interactive VR Sports Applications” won the best paper award in the Korea Computer Congress 2021. This work presents the design of realistic haptic feedback on virtual collisions in virtual reality. Please give a big hand to the authors, Minjae Mun, Seungjae Oh, and Chaeyong Park!

New Publications!

In 2021, we published several papers about 4D motion effects and haptic perception/rendering. For 4D motion effects, our research about “Improving Viewing Experiences of First-Person Shooter Gameplays with Automatically-Generated Motion Effects” was presented in the 2021 CHI and “Camera Space Synthesis of Motion Effects Emphasizing a Moving Object in 4D films” was presented in the 2021 IEEE VR. About hatpic rendering, “Perceived Magnitude Function of Friction Rendered by the Dahl Model” and “Vibrotactile Metaphor of Physical Interaction Using Body-Penetrating Phantom Sensations: Stepping on a Virtual Object” were published in the 2021 IEEE WHC. Last but not least, “Length Perception Model for Handheld Controllers: The Effects of Diameter and Inertia” will be published in the IEEE ToH. For more information, please see our publications tab.

Chaeyong Park won the Postech Excellence Competition

Chaeyong Park have won the Encouragement Award at the 1st Postech Excellence Competition. He received the award for his achievements in more than five papers and two or more patents. A plaque and a prize of 300,000 won were awarded at the department faculty meeting on the April 5th.

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