The Interaction Laboratory (former Haptics and Virtual Reality Laboratory) at POSTECH, directed by Prof. Seungmoon Choi, seeks to find and design easy, effective, and novel interaction methods between human users and a system of interest, e.g., computers, robots, cars, and electronic device, with emphasis on physical interaction where the human somatosensory system has the major role.


HAPTICS the final puzzle of immersive technology

Our lab was introduced in Postech LabCumentary. Postech LabCumentary is a two-minute lab documentary so that anyone can easily understand the research in the laboratory. From the video, you can find out what we are studying and interested in. The news and the video could be checked through the link below.


Postech LabCumentary:상호작용-연구실-interaction-laboratory

New Members!

Four new members entered the interaction lab in the spring semester of 2021. Jungeun Lee (left-top) entered the lab as a Ph.D student. Her master’s thesis was about the prediction model of electric muscle stimulation. Jeongwoo Kim (right-top) started his degree with an integrated master’s and Ph.D program. He studied vibrotactile feedback for weight perception in our lab as an undergraduate student. Jaejun Park (left-bottom) and Daehyun Nam (right-bottom) entered the lab with a master’s program. Jaejun Park studied thermal haptic feedback and electrovibration in our lab as an undergraduate student.

Class of 2020

Today, Hyoseung Lee and Jiwan Lee were awarded master’s degrees. Hyoseung Lee presented a master’s thesis about motion effect synthesis based on human walking motion and is going to continue his career as a researcher in the industry. Jiwan Lee presented a master’s thesis about perception of motion effects in 4D experiences and is going to do further research as Ph.D in our lab. Praise for the bright future of our graduates!

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