1404, 2024

Our Haptics Symposium 2024!

April 14th, 2024|Publications|

We participated in 2024 IEEE Haptics Symposium in Long Beach, California, USA.
Our team members, Dajin Lee, Jiwan Lee, Jungeun Lee, and Dongguen Kim presented their research, which had been published in IEEE Transactions on Haptics Short papers.
Dajin Lee and Dongguen Kim were nominated for the Best ToH Short Paper award for their papers titled “Effects of Contact Force on Vibrotactile Perceived Intensity Across the Upper Body” and “Sound-to-Touch Crossmodal Pitch Matching for Short Sounds,” respectively.
Additionally, Jiwan Lee demonstrated her project, “Telemetry-based Haptic Rendering for Racing Game Experience Improvement.”

202, 2024

Class of 2023

February 2nd, 2024|Members|

Sangyoon Han was awarded his Ph.D., and Hoseok Jung was awarded his master’s degree. Sangyoon Han presented a Ph.D. thesis about generating motion effects for moving objects in 4D content. He is going to continue his career as a researcher at Samsung Electronics. Hoseok Jung presented a master’s thesis about encounter-type thermal haptic device using multiple rotating pre-heated peltier actuators and continue his career as a researcher at Stanford Center Korea. Praise for the bright future of our graduates!

2901, 2024

Our KHCI 2024!

January 29th, 2024|Publications|

We participated in Korea HCI 2024 in Hongcheon.
Jaehyuk Ahn presented his first research paper titled “Event-Independent Haptic Feedback in a VR Rhythm Game Using a Haptic Garment.” Heeyeon Kim demonstrated her project named “Comfort-Inducing Haptic Rendering for Relaxation in Virtual Reality.” Seungmoon, Dajin, Junwoo, Hyunuk, Siheon, Dongguen, and Suheon enjoyed skiing and snowboarding.

412, 2023

Korea Haptics Conference 2023 Best Award (2nd Place)

December 4th, 2023|Publications|

Our paper “Merging Camera and Object Haptic Motion Effects for Improved 4D Experiences” won the best paper award (2nd place) in the Korea Haptics Conference 2023. Please give a big hand to the authors, Jaejun Park, Sangyoon Han, and Seungmoon Choi!

2407, 2023

IEEE Transactions on Haptics Best Paper Award

July 24th, 2023|Publications|

Our paper “Perceived Intensity Model of Dual-Frequency Superimposed Vibration: Pythagorean Sum” won the best paper award in the World Haptics Conference 2023 (as published in the IEEE Transactions on Haptics). Please give a big hand to the authors, Yongjae Yoo, Inwook Hwang, and Seungmoon Choi!

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